Table sevices

Perfect for weddings!

First service
Broccoli cream

Second service
Garden salad served in a cucumber crown and garnished with a lemon and herbal vinaigrette.

Main meal (Choice of)
Chicken breast garnished with a tomato béchamel sauce accompanied by baby potatoes and garden vegetables

Beef butt seasoned with coriander and dill sprinkled with pepper sauce accompanied by baby potatoes and a mixture of garden vegetables

Vegetarian lasagna with garden vegetables

Chocolate mousse Garnished with raspberry coulis

First course
Smoked pork belly served on a butternut squash mash and topped with salted caramel and fresh cilantro
Second Course
Rustic asparagus and carrot mix topped with sesame. Served with maple balsamic vinaigrette
Main Course
Chicken supreme stuffed with pears and blue cheese topped with demi-glaze and served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and garden vegetables
Beef strip loin topped with fig chutney and served with cream cheese mashed potatoes and garden vegetables
Eggplant stack layered with garden vegetables and topped with a black olive tomato sauce
Pear puff served with vanilla ice cream.

First Course
Italian wedding soup made with veal, orzo, and spinach
Second Course
Black olive and feta, zucchini stack topped with olive oil and balsamic vinegar
Main Course (choice of)
Chicken Kiev topped with a thyme béchamel sauce. Served with scalloped potatoes and asparagus
Rib Eye steak topped with a shrimp béarnaise sauce. Served with scalloped potatoes au gratin and asparagus.
Spinach and camembert ravioli in a coriander rosé sauce
New York cheesecake

First Course
Smoked duck breast stuffed with foie gras and apples
Second Course
Tomato salad topped with arugula, yellow beans, and balsamic vinaigrette.
Main Course (choice of)
Crab stuffed chicken breast served with a lobster sauce. Served with mini potatoes and garden vegetables.
Filet mignon topped with a red wine demi glaze. Served with a garlic buttered lobster tail, mini potatoes, and garden vegetables.
Spinach and mushroom flake topped with a fine herbs and cheese sauce.
Dacquoise and strawberry stack topped with a dark chocolate ganache and fresh strawberries.

Cocktail style meal
Enough food for a whole meal.
Maple glazed smoked salmon serve on a fresh cucumber with cream cheese
Poached pear wrapped in arugula and prosciutto topped with balsamic caramel
Radish, fennel, and apple canape topped with a Dijon and tarragon vinaigrette
Veal kefta served with cilantro yoghurt and grilled raisins
Pulled pork profiterole topped with a beer barbecue sauce caramelized onions
Fumé blanc tomato and parmesan stuffed mushrooms
Gorgonzola stuffed Medjool dates and wrapped in bacon
Butternut squash and maple falafels topped with a cumin and ginger yogurt
Pork and peach bundles topped with a red wine demi glaze
Tomato and chilli ice cream topped with fresh basil
Cream cheese mousse served on a dark chocolate brownie topped with caramel