Our passion. Our story.

It was in his father's family-run butcher shop in St-Albert that Denis Savage owner of Traiteur La Bonne Bouffe made his start. Hard-working and passionate, he knew he had to continue his professional career path in a variety of fields, including catering and entrepreneurship.
However, it was in 1998, during the Great Ice Storm, that Denis made his mark with organizing and cooking meals for his community. It was then that Felix Saint-Denis, of the Franco-Ontarian community, asked him to prepare meals for the thousands of young people who gathered across the province for the FESFO games. It was the beginning of a great friendship between Denis and Félix that continues to this day.
In the meantime, he returned to work for the family business, and at the same time building up his network of schools and daycare centers in the region. mouth to mouth, ear to ear, the demand for Denis' services multiplied and his clientele continues to grow.
In 2006, he officially acquired 2 local caterers, one of them was Benson Service de Traiteur. Located at 35 Industrial, he undertook renovations and upgraded his equipment with new technology to make his business profitable and updated.
Since then, Traiteur La Bonne Bouffe has become one of the most recognized caterers in the region, standing out for the quality of its services and the flavours of its food.

Not to mention his extensive community involvement, Denis always finds time to help, support and share his know-how and generosity. To date, the company has more than 30 employees and prepares several hundred events a year. Denis, proud owner still works in the kitchen as a chef, passing on his passion and knowledge to the next generation.
With pleasure,