The first quality of TBB catering is the diversity of its services. The second is its community involvement. And, the third is its efforts to create jobs in French and its support for the Franco-Ontarian community.

Since its inception, TBB catering has always done something good, we make good food. Its customers and employees all agree that this is the strength of the business. However, in recent years several other services have been added and the quality of services has improved. A notable improvement is in the offer of a more diversified menu and in the offer of tailor-made menus. TBB catering now fits into a "New Age" cuisine category that draws its inspiration from several other cuisines. French and traditional French Canadian cuisine is complemented with Spanish, Indian, Moroccan, and Thai inspirations to create a blend of flavors that is not available elsewhere. In addition to a more original range of cuisine, TBB has also improved the presentation of its services, the training of its employees, and the professionalism of its customer service. Porcelain and wood are preferred to plastic for serving trays, employees have simple and elegant uniforms, and they are more informed about the food served, the customer's food preferences, and service procedures.

The enterprise is founded on the principle that to be a good company, you also have to be a good citizen. TBB catering is therefore proud to contribute to all the events that are in his community and neighboring communities. Its beginnings were like a non-profit enterprise which aimed to help Franco-Ontarian organizations to thrive.

TBB's involvement with Franco-Ontarian companies has guided it in his services. It is a growing business that is run completely in French. Capable of serving anglophones as well as francophones, TBB is proud to say they are francophone and to make people work in a French environment. This preserves the Francophone heritage of Eastern Ontario. At the same time, its owner, Denis Savage, is very involved with the Franco-Ontarian community and his business reflects this. He was even nominated for the Prix du Pilier de la francophonie, awarded by the Assembly of Ontario’s Francophonie. This is in recognition of his company's work for Francophones in Ontario.